Black Leaf Sticker

Black Leaf Sticker

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How lucky are you?  Want a chance to win a SUPER nice Agency Arms G26?  Well.......this might be right up your alley!   

The purchase of this sticker gets you a free entry into a random number generated giveaway* for (1) Agency Arms G4 G26 Demo gun (barrel never shot out of).  To be able to win this free giveaway you need to be: 1) A resident of Canada 2) Legally allowed to possess a restricted firearm (have a valid RPAL).

There are only 170 stickers.  The giveaway will take place within 48 hours of all stickers selling, upon purchase of a Sticker your name will go onto the free giveaway entry sheet in the order in which you purchase a Sticker.  No restrictions on how many stickers one person can buy as long as they meet the requirements as outlined above.  The giveaway will happen live via a Facebook Live feed (Black Leaf Ind Facebook Page) and will be done using a Google random number generator.

All free giveaway entrants must also provide a valid email address we can get a hold of you, and upon being selected in the free giveaway we will need more info to process the transfer.  If you do not follow the rules we will redraw until someone meeting the requirements is selected.


-Field Battle Cut Slides with Delta Point Pro Mounting option finished in DLC. **Current rear sight must be removed to mount DPP**

-Agency Arms Stippled frame

-Agency Arms Fitted Drop in Trigger

-Agency Arms "Agent" documentation

-Meprolight adjustable Night Sights

-Fitted with Lone Wolf Alpha Wolf Threaded Fluted G19 Barrel                                                                                                no purchase necessary -email for more info

-Comes with (3) Factory Glock 10 round magazines

-Glock storage case, factory cleaning kit and lock.

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