B-11 Gen I Night Vision Binocular

B-11 Gen I Night Vision Binocular

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Night vision binocular B11 is one of the most popular models, intended for performance of various kinds of activity in conditions of low light, where there is a need to detect and distinguish mobile and motionless objects at a distance.



- Housing made of light alloys of aluminium provides durability and reliability, and    the special rubber overlay allows for comfortable holding in operator's hands

- Specially developed power supply allows turning on the device even from practically discharged battery. The time of continuous operation time without IR-illuminator can be up to 120 hours.

- The built in protection against bright light automatically switches off the device when light exposure is increased.

- The built-in IR-illuminator allows using the device in full darkness and it has an option to adjust the size of spot light.

- A special slot allows to fix an additional IR-illuminator (laser or diode) which enables to increase the distance of detection and recognition considerably.- Possibility to use additional lenses so that to get binoculars with different magnification.

- Having fixed the helmet-mask and replaced the lenses you can transform the binocular into goggles

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