Beskar Back Plate for Glock

Beskar Back Plate for Glock

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Beskar Back Plate for Glock

Beskar - also known as Mandalorian steel seems to not only be some of the best armor out there, but also currency in the post Empire Galaxy far, far away that we love so much. 

These plates might not be forged by Mandalorian Armorers, instead by some of our favorite people in the U S of A - Classy Raptor Tactical! 

No better way (if you're a Star Wars fan) to dress up your Glock® than with this beautifully adorned Beskar plate bearing the brand of the Galactic Empire and take your build to the next, NEXT level! 

With options not only for standard slide sizes, but now also for the slimline 48 series.


  • Fits all Glock® Gen 1-5 double stack pistols (select appropriate plate in drop down)
  • Slimline G48, G42, or G43/43X compatible (again select the appropriate drop down)
  • Not REAL Beskar, or is it? 
  • Made by hard working folks/Vets in the U.S.A.

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