Wayfinder Zippo® Lighter

Wayfinder Zippo® Lighter

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Wayfinder Zippo® Lighter

way•find•er /noun/ One who finds a way: either a physical route or a means to achieve something

While you likely already have a Zippo® kicking around your drawer, you certainly don't have one like this!  Take your EDC to the next level with one of our limited run Wayfinder Zippo® lighters, Cerakote to provide protection and a one off look, and finished with our in house Topo pattern lasered onto the Cerakote finish. Inspired by the recent Topographical craze that has pretty much been enveloping everything these days we decided to put out pattern to work here.  Fire in your pocket anytime and anywhere, good for darts, doobies, or if your more civilized a big fat cigar.  Not to mention you can actually light a fire with one, and like keep warm and cook stuff.

    "That Topo - so hot right now" Logan Martin

These will be available in VERY limited runs, so if you are looking for a unique piece to add to your collection check back often for new color waves.

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