TIM-14DX-384  Multi Purpose Thermal Monicular

TIM-14DX-384 Multi Purpose Thermal Monicular

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The Thermal Imaging Multi-Purpose Monocular TIM-14 is one of the most versatile thermal imagers available. Designed to meet the needs of the individual user engaged in ground-based operations, the TIM-14 can be used in several configurations. The maximized versatility of this unit makes it one of the most operation-ready thermal imagers on the market.


A user is able to mount the device onto a helmet, head gear, a firearm or a tripod.  Comes standard with a 7 Year Manufactures Warranty and is ISO 9001 compliant.



- Objective Lens: 25mm f/1.0

- FPA: 384x288 or 640x480

- Refresh Rate: up to 60Hz

- Battery life: over 7 hours

- Integrated Stadiametric Rangefinder

- Vehicle Detection Range: up to 2,292 m

- 7-Year Warranty

- Made in Canada. ITAR-free



- High-Resolution Uncooled FPAs: 384x288 or 640x480

- Fast Refresh Rate: up to 60Hz

- Quality and “Fast” Low-F-Number Germanium Lenses

- Quick Swap Battery Packs

- Low Power Consumption

- Completely Silent System Operation

- Rugged and Lightweight

- Unauthorized Location Protection: Lowest Heat Dissipation

- Video-out for External Display and Recording

- Interchangeable Optics

- High-Resolution Micro-OLED Display 800x600

- Head-Mountable

- Weapon-Mountable: Fits any Standard 1913 Picatinny Rails

- Tripod-Mountable

- 24-hour Operation

- Vehicle Detection Range of up to 2,292 metres

- Manual and Automatic FPA Sensitivity Adjustment

- Manual Display Brightness Adjustment

- Black Hot / White Hot Polarity Control

- External Battery Pack Compatibility

- GSCI Proprietary Image-Enhancing Solutions (IESTM)

- Dust– and Waterproof Protection

- Optional Remote Control



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