TIB-5050DX-384 Long Range Thermal Imaging Binoculars

TIB-5050DX-384 Long Range Thermal Imaging Binoculars

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The TIB-5000 series Thermal Imaging Binoculars are another one of GSCI's "success stories". Great tool for Surveillance, Search & Rescue, Perimeter Control, and Vehicle ID, the TIB-5000 are lightweight and rugged units with intuitive controls that offer and ease-of-use not seen in many thermal imagers on the market. 

While most of the rival systems have FPA format 320x240, 9-30 Hz, GSCI's TIB-5000 offers as the minimum performance guarantee FPA's with 384x288, 50-60 Hz or top notch 640x480, 17 um. Such increase of the resolution and frame rate provide to the User with a smoother-looking image, and clearer detail from increased shading/gradation. Those who have used TIB-5000 at least once, say that the higher FPAs really make a difference. Frame Rate lag is almost zero during quick panning and tracking of fast-moving objects.


Ease of use is important in devices like the TIB-5000 because they are often shared among several officers or team members and the ability to pick up a unit and operate it effectively with minimal training is a an invaluable asset. Controls are well-placed and easy to manipulate, even with gloves. The TIB-5000 series can be used head/helmet, hand held and tripod mounted, equipped with high quality, fast germanium lenses featuring optical magnification from 1X and up to 6X and low F-number. This allows achieving impressive Long Range detection and recognition capabilities. Systems are powered by just 2 pcs AA Lithium batteries with up to 7 hours continuous operation. The TIB-5000 also features the ability to be hooked up to an external video monitor or recorder. 


Add in the fact that these units cost several thousands less than the "government purchase-only" devices and available as commercial version to general public, it's clear that TIB-5000 is a Winner!

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