Terms & Conditions

All purchases are subject to restocking fees if product is to be returned unless you have an RGA number form us or if there is some defect with the product in which case we work with you to make it right.  All special orders will require a deposit up front and a Black Leaf Industries staff member will work with you to determine what that deposit will look like.  Backing out of, or changing special orders will result in restocking fees* and or forfeiture of deposit(s).  Special orders are deemed all product that is not regularly stocked or anything with a retail monetary value of over $500.00.

Before purchasing anything form Black Leaf industries Ltd. or one of our distributors or re-sellers please check to make sure that you are in accordance with your local laws.  Black Leaf Industries Ltd. is not responsible for any and all wrong doing that a buyer decides to perpetrate knowingly or wittingly.  By purchasing any product from Black Leaf Industries Ltd you agree to never bring any legal action in or out of the courts against Black Leaf Industries Ltd.

*Restocking fees are up to 25% of the total sales order, deemed to be inclusive of freight and tax costs.

Black Leaf Industries Ltd. reserves the right to update, or revise these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice.